"Just want to say that this is one AMAZING mod! It felt like living through a spy thriller, taking photos for intelligence, etc. I enjoyed it so much I have played the whole level 3 times." -4809

"This was one of the best mods I've played. Fairly intelligent ai, binocs, minimap objectives etc... I really liked how you made the player hunt for items and although there was an alien presence, I didn't have to fight them. Great game, thanks for the effort." -Mnuzzo

"Guys, this mod rocks even if in WIP stage... really." -elmwood

"Downloaded. Tried it out. Fantastic! I cant quite put my finger on whats so good about this mod/map but it's just so refined. It's different and it's actually complete, and enjoyable. NEVER did I get bored. I was always looking over my shoulder and the AI always seemed to do something different everytime I spawned again." -Gatman

"Wow. All I can say is this mod is simply fantastic. I would give every aspect an A+. It was challenging and entertaining. Can't wait for the finished product, although this really feels finished." -rf951


A North Korean military force has overtaken an island east of South Korea and have gained control of all facilities on the island. It is assumed the North Koreans have an interest in the large energy signatures recently coming from the island. We suspect they may have taken this aggressive stance to capitalize on this potential source of energy.

The US military has been working with the South Korean government on the island as a staging ground for future operations. With the North Koreans in control of the island, US military assets have been compromised. Your mission is to locate all contraband, photograph and upload GPS coordinates to the net for analysis. We'll send in a strike team afterwords to clean up.

You will be landing at the island airpstrip. This is a clandestine operation. At no point should the North Koreans be suspect of our presence. Secure the objectives, gather intelligence, and photograph targets. You are authorized to engage targets as needed but if alerted, the mission could potentially be compromised. You will have primary mission objectives that need to be completed before EVAC just north of the crater. Secondary objectives are optional - although successful completion of them will assist in the overall completion of the mission and provide more valuable data.

Key Technology

Binoc / Camera - Allows a soldier to view subjects at large distances and take digital photographs. Wireless connectivity to the military net provides an auxillary data overlay specific to mission objectives with upload capabilities.

TranqX Gas Grenades - Area effect grenade disabling large groups of targets at one time using the tranquilizer X.

AI Mission Commander - The officer responsible for the successful completion of objectives in this operation is an advanced sentient AI,  Sphinx. She will lead you and your squad through the objectives, providing support when needed via satellite link. Expect terse yet informative instruction throughout the mission.


FreezeFrame is a custom single player map utilizing Crytek's CryEngine2 engine. You'll explore military airstrips, warehouses, train yards, lush coastal jungles, warm sandy beaches, hidden paths, and the complete arsenal the North Koreans are known to expend.

An original soundtrack and custom cinematics will define the intense atmosphere putting you right in the thick of the action.

Release Notes (03.11.2009) popup

FreezeFrame Source Files

I'm opening the mod up to the Crysis community. Below is a link to the mod asset archive and some design docs to get you started.

Download FreezeFrame source (171MB RAR)

1. You must have the full Crysis game to play.
2. Unzip the source archive into your Crysis/Levels folder.
3. Start Crysis, bring up the console (`) and type "\map crtr_harbor"

Download FreezeFrame assets:
Mission Guides
Loading Screens
Website Promotions
Chimella's Actiongraphs
The assets archive include: heightmaps, vegetation, world settings, audio recording (raw and processed), loadscreen .psd, and script.

Design Docs:
FreezeFrame Script popup
Cinematics popup
TestingNotes popup
Early Development Notes popup

Crymod Entry:
Original project thread popup
Official database entry for the FreezeFrame project popup

Release Notes (09.24.2008) popup

Alpha 0924 Release

This mod requires Crysis patch 1.2 or later.
It will not run at all on an unpatched system since full mod support was only introduced later. You should not be able to skip cinematics but if you do the game will be severly bugged since these are used to alter ingame events.
Please read the GAMEPLAY HELP section before you play

Just unrar into your Crysis Mods folder
The Mods folder should be just inside the Crysis folder if you need to add it
You should end up with this:
\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Mods\FreezeFrame

Starting the Mod
It is recommended that you create a new profile to play the mod at the Main Menu

1a) If you run Crysis x32 double click Start32.bat file inside the FreezeFrame folder and hit F4 at the main menu (or type map crtr-harbor into the console)
1b) If you run Crysis x64 double click Start64.bat file inside the FreezeFrame folder and hit F4 at the main menu (or type map crtr-harbor into the console)

2) Alternatively use the FreezeFrame Shortcut in the FreezeFrame folder
If you installed Crysis somewhere other than the default
"C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Bin32\Crysis.exe"
then you will need to modify the Target path in the shortcut to where you have your Crysis.exe
To do this right click on the shortcut and choose Properties
Be sure it ends with \Crysis.exe" -MOD FreezeFrame
Once the Mod has started at the main menu open the console (the key below escape on my system) then type in:
con_restricted 0 <Enter>
map crtr-harbor <Enter>

If it still does not load please ensure you are patched to 1.2 or later. This Mod does not overwrite or touch in any way your Crysis installation files

Just delete the FreezeFrame folder from your Mods folder

The Authors:
Michael Kosmatka: Content (www.michaelkosmatka.com)
Michael Chimella: Logic (www.8winds.co.uk)

Download FreezeFrame


Harbor Flythrough

Menu Background Animation

Warehouse District Gameplay

Island Gameplay

Airstrip Gameplay

Mission Guide Screenshots