You're Jack, the guy with the red hawaiian shirt who recently put an end to Kreiger's perverse experiments and saved paradise in the process. In lieu of Kreiger's unfortunate demise his corporation has been up to their usual bags of tricks.

We have intel reports of soldiers deserting posts and shooting up the island including innocent civilians. Maybe it's the water ... or could it have something to do with secret shipments and the research lab? I suspect things more sinister at play here, so you need to find out what it is. Your job is to infiltrate the island, assess the situation, and clean up any mess you make. It may heat up sooner than you expect.

Unfortunately, radar shows their awareness of our activities. Troop movements and beach heads have been established throughout the island. We’re not sure whether they’re anticipating you or something more dangerous. Expect heavy fire, reinforcements and the slim chance of a migrane. Stealth and speed should be your MO. The island is a huge expanse of unkown territory, so tread carefully and be resourceful.

I'll be in communication throughout the mission and as the situation changes. Your insertion point is the southern tip of the island. Extraction will be on the northern most coast.

Good luck, you're gonna need it.


Mischief in Paradise is a custom single player map utilizing Crytek's Farcry engine. You'll explore lush jungles, warm sandy beaches, ancient temples, rock lined coasts, and the complete arsenal Kreiger Corporation is known to expend.

Custom soundtrack elements and sound effects will define the intense atmosphere putting you right in the thick of the action.

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Mischief in Paradise Released!

You can download it now from these locations:

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Mischief in Paradise (Farcry Games)
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The .cry file can be found here.
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1. You must have the full FarCry game to play.
2. Extract the folder into your Far Cry Mods folder.
3. Start Far Cry. At the Main menu choose the Mods option, select "Mischief in Paradise" from the list.
4. Far Cry will restart. At the main menu click "Start Mischief In Paradise".

To reload checkpoints from an earlier game you will need to go through the loadscreen first.

The mod does not change or overwrite any of your Far Cry installation files.

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Mischief in Paradise Source Files

Mischief in Paradise has been open-sourced to the Farcry community. If you develop derivative works from the assets below, all I ask is for you (or your team) to give credit where credit is due.

Download Mischief in Paradise source [33MB RAR]
Instructions: Decompress into your Farcry Levels directory.

Download Mischief in Paradise assets [48MB RAR]

The assets archive include: heightmaps, vegetation, world settings, audio recording (raw and processed), loadscreen .psd, and script.

1. You must have the full FarCry game to play.
2. Unzip the source archive into your Farcry/Levels folder.
3. Start Farcry, bring up the console (`) and type "\map Level_One"

Download Mischief in Paradise


Mischief in Paradise Gameplay

Cinematics: Hut

Cinematics: Roadblock

Cinematics: East Hut

Cinematics: West Hut

Mischief in Paradise Flythrough