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My creative process is centered around the Lean UX theory; quickly bringing to focus an actual experience design versus managing monolithic deliverables. Traditionally, designers are in the business of document delivery; I strive to deliver experiences. This takes shape by stripping those same documents down to their bare components while rapidly providing an amount of information necessary to kickstart development.

The key is collaboration, which becomes critical to the success of the team and ultimately, the product. Not your stereotypical solitary designer "lone wolf" - I'm in your implementation team, co-mingling with subject-matter experts or conducting a contextual inquiry with customers. Here conversation occurs dynamically, with laser beam energy. Work is printed up, displayed on walls available for review sessions, adhoc conversations, ideation and inspiration. The goal is to get the ideas visualized quickly and in front of the team, showing work early and often.

If you're looking for a user experience designer who delivers in short, iterative, fast-paced cycles while integrating feedback from all members of an implementation team, leading to high quality product experiences, we should talk.

Take a look around. To the right you'll find retrospectives on some of my most popular projects. The links below are a few deviations I've explored. Feel free to reach out to see even more recent work.

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 Resume or (805) 907-6873